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Xian triggered, tinalakan ng kapwa aktor

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Ramdam na ramdam ang galit ni Xian Lim (direktor ng “Tabon” na kasama sa Cinemalaya) sa mga Instagram story/post niya. At may kinalaman nga ang pang-iinsulto sa kanya ng isang kapwa aktor.

Heto nga ang IG post ni Xian:
“You can insult me, mock me all you want, take everything away from me and strip me with nothing but don’t you dare question my professionality, p­assion and the amount of work I am willing to put in my craft in all the projects I make.

“I may not be the best but I will work my ass off to give you results. As an artist I am willing to do whatever it takes to deliver even if it kills me. I will move mountains, give my own sweat and blood, take that leap of faith for my staff and all the people around me who shares the same vision as I do.

“I refuse to be a victim of your insensitivity towards people. DONE. Signing off social media for a while. What a waste of time watering dead plants.”

Oh, ‘di ba? Para mag-post si Xian ng ganito, at para iwanan niya pansamantala ang social media, ngayon pa na dapat ay puspusan siya sa promo ng movie niya, matindi nga ang galit na na-raramdaman niya, at ano nga ba ang pinagmulan talaga?

Heto nga ang kuwento pa ni Xian:
“2019. What a year. Met tons of people I never thought I would get a chance to work with. Met awesome/amazing people who appreciate and recog-nize the passion I have bur-ning inside me.

“On the other hand, I met lots of straight up rude, disrespectful people along the way. Sometimes I question myself why… why put up with all the bull crap people throw at you.

“Then I realize, we all need a couple of bumps in the road, little trips, bruises and scratches to help us become a stronger, wiser person.

“I work on my craft every single day. I observe. I am willing to learn. I am passionate at what I do. I do not do it for the money. Honing my craft is my life. It is part of my blood. It is a part of my DNA to give it my 1000X percent. That is more than what you could ever ask for.

“Don’t lower you standards for anyone or anything. Self respect is everything.

“I’m just going to leave it right here. Your ‘intention’ whatever it may be of yelling and raising you voice at me saying ‘Ikasisira ng kareer mo ang pagkuha sa akin as your actor’ will forever be a part of my motivation to treat everyone around me with tons of respect because you clearly do not.”

Ay bongga! So, sino kaya sa mga artista na dinirek ni Xian ang tumalak sa kanya ng ganyan?

Well, ang mga artista nga pala sa “Tabon” ay sina Christopher Roxas, Leon Miguel, Benjie Felipe, Lao Rodriguez.

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