WALANG BOLAHAN: Should I stay and wait or go? (3)


My bf and I have been together for 7 years. I am not sure if my boyfriend wants to get married. Whenever we talked about getting married, he always says we will get married and will grow old together.

But then he is not gi­ving a specific date. This year I got so mad for the 2nd time because he failed his promise again.

He said that his mom was in a critical condition and has almost died. To cut my story short, we talked and settled the problem and planning to get married by end of august this year (which didn’t happen). I told him simple ceremony would be fine.

I had no doubt that he is the one for me, then. I am 32 by the way and he is 38. I am 100% certain that he is never married because I have a document with me to prove it.

I was planning of leaving him again but I am almost financially dependent to him because he asked me to purchase several investments under my name and he is the one paying for it.

I am currently living in a very comfortable life because of him. I have a good paying job but I can’t afford this very comfortable life. I don’t know what to do. Whenever I saw a wedding or a bride in a TV, I get mad at myself.

I feel mad at him also because if he really loves me, then he will give me what I deserve.

I have no one to talk to about this problem. The sense of pride is always kicking in and it is burdening me for several years already. I’ve already met his family and he also met mine.

I would say he has a normal family, his parents were not separated but his dad past away when he was 20. His siblings have their own family life and are financially independent from him.

I do not want to ask him for the 3rd time. I feel very devastated and unwanted. Is 7 years too soon for him? Should I stay and wait or go?
— Adriana


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