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WALANG BOLAHAN: I do not feel anything for my wife (2)

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Dear Dra. Holmes:

I would like to ask you about what I am going through right now. I am 39 y/o, married with a daughter. My wife works in a bank while me, works in a government office. Typically, my wife earns more. At this time, we are proud of what we have achieved, we have stable jobs, our own house and a car.

It seems everything is going ok for us. However, I had one fling with a former officemate back in 2012, we were in still in constant communication up to now as we ended up working together again in a different government agency. This girl officemate just got separated from her husband who works abroad. ince 2012, my feelings for her never changed. I still has a thing for her and maybe she feels the same for me. We talked about getting together but she refused saying she’s not yet ready for a relationship.

Currently, I am pursuing her still even if she said to me that we should be remain friends, however, I just could not simply stop myself from feeling this and she said that she is not comfortable of us being together knowing that all of our current officemates know that we are both married. The last time we talk, I said to her that I will fix things for us to be together and that would mean I would have to leave my family for her.

She is ok with that but she gave me no assurance but she told me that if I still want to pursue her, I may. It sounded irrational but that is how I feel right now. After all, I do not feel anything for my wife. Pls., Dra. I am losing my head over this.

I tried to think about it but I am just so emotional and depressed about it. Pls. help me, Dra. I need someone to give sense to this madness. Thank you. (Pls. do not reveal my name in case you are to publish this) Regards, Mario

Dear Mario:

Maraming salamat sa sulat mo. Pangako ko sa iyo na hindi ko gagamitin ang tunay mong pangalan. Ang iyong nararanas ngayon ay isang dilemma na nararanas ng iilang mga lalakeng may asawa, lalo na kung matagal na silang kasal.

Madaling punahin ang mga lalakeng katulad mo, pero maraming beses sila ay hindi masasamang tao. Ayaw nilang saktan ang kanilang mga asawa at anak. Nakahanap lang sila ng isang babae (o lalake) na mayroon silang mas malalim at matinding koneksyon, at hindi nila alam ang gagawin nila. TO BE CONTINUED

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