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Walang Bolahan: Desperately seeking Mr. Right (3)

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Dear Dra. Holmes:

I’m Chloe, 31 year old female, a resident doctor in a government hospital and my specialty is in the laboratory. By the way, I’m an NBSB girl-up until now. I know I belong to the girls who lives single up to her 30s… Sometimes, I’m ashamed and quite envious of my friends and cousins who are married and found their right man in their life.

Ako kasi malas pagdating sa lovelife. Kung hindi bading ang gusto ko, taken naman… kaya malungkot… For the past years, I have this thinking that it’s ok to be single and there’s nothing wrong with that… However, as I age, I begin to realize and wish that I have someone special in my life… Anyways, let’s go to my ill-fated love story.

Two years ago, my best friend, (Sheila) told me that her boyfriend (Robin), met a guy who is looking for a textmate.  Robin described this ‘guy’ as tall and good-looking, is rich and has a business. At first, I‘m having second thoughts but in the end, I gave my number to that guy.

So we became textmates. Let’s just call him Matt for short. By the way, he is 45 years old. So we have a large age gap. At first, we clicked on texting each other like we’ve been friends for life. Until it reached to a point that we are ‘sextmates’. Then one day, he decided that we meet up. And that first meet up, something happened. This is the first time I surrendered my virginity, and to a stranger at that!

I don’t know what I’m thinking, but maybe just because I’m just cu­rious and that I’m on my 30s so I gave it a shot. Not knowing if I could acquire sexual transmitted di­sease or HIV… I thought that after that first meeting, we will never see each other again.

So I’m thinking it was just a one-night stand. But I was wrong… He kept texting me and inviting me with his friends to go out, but since I’m a doctor, I’m having a hard time in my schedule… Although I met his friends in the subdivision where he lives.

The thing is, Matt is not what Robin described to me as a rich and has a business. It turned out to be a reverse status. Matt is an unemployed and has many vices such as alcohol, cigarettes, and loves to gamble with cards. And a womanizer.

In short, tambay lang. Although he lives in a nice and somewhat clean house, he is an unemployed lazy bum… To make things worse, I always bring food to their house after my work and I always pay when we have movie dates. At sinusundo ko pa sha na naka-taxi kami papunta sa mall. (Makapal ang mukha) It made me look like I’m a young sugar mommy… TO BE CONTINUED


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