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WALANG BOLAHAN: ‘Cannot say no to my desire for ‘S’ (7)

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Dear Dra. Holmes:

I am telling you my life story, in the hope that you can help me.
I am ‘Rebecca’ , separated almost 10 yrs now.

Through all these past years I had a lot of relationships (one night stands, serious and non serious) These relationships could last as short as one night and as long as 5 years.

It seems I just could not say no to my desire for sex and my urge to do it. I worked as an OFW for a long time and I went home because I had to confront my husband. He said he would not want to be with me. So I decided to separate with him.

Anyway, he had a gf when i was away working for the good of our family. We have only one son and he is now 17 yrs old.

I now have a boyfriend, ‘Eric’. I want to be faithful and loyal to Eric, my bf. But somehow I just could not do so. I get the feel of power when doing sex. And then I feel no one can hurt or be equal to me.

I also know I can satisfy a man’s need. Through the years, I have learned to be very good in bed.

But I rejected few men who want to do it with me.

I masturbated since the age of 6 yrs old. I have a brother. He is 11 yrs older than me. He was hiding a lot of playboy magazine under his bed when he was a teener.

I also have a sister. Rather, I had a sister. She died in 2007.

But when my older brother and my late sister were in school I would go into their rooms. I got to explore their rooms.

I even saw him my brother touching some of our maids before. And I also saw him make sex a few times.

He would make sex with many women. He had two girlfriends (they did not know about each other) and once he even got one of our maids to do it with him. He also made sex with the friend of my mom. I don’t think this friend ever told my mom. TO BE CONTINUED

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