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Suportado ni Hannah Arnold: Joy Barcoma tumibay dibdib, palaban sa Miss World PH

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Nakaramdam ako ng awa kay Joy Barcoma (kandidata sa Miss World Philippines 2021) noong makatsikahan namin siya kamakailan.

Pakiramdam ko kasi, dahil sa ganda, kaseksihan, husay magsalita o talino niya, parang napagkakaisahan siya ng mga kalaban niya sa pageant na ito.

Panay nga ang iyak niya habang kausap namin, na ikinukuwento kung paano siya dedmahin ng mga kasamahan niyang kandidata.

Pero siyempre, bilang isang tunay na Filipina, bagamat sumagi sa isip niya ang mag-quit na sa pageant, sa huli, nanaig ang tapang niya na lumaban hanggang dulo.

“These past days, I was subjected to a false character assassination— my persona was tested, derogated, and defamed.

“Being in a position where you have gotten no chance to defend yourself took a heavy toll on me. My mental health declined, my chances were put at risk, and my love for pageantry almost died.

“It was never an easy path to walk through— being in a room full of people only to talk to none, hearing echoes of laughter outside the walls of your room while you’re all alone, and having to force yourself to sleep in hopes that tomorrow you will no longer be frowned upon.

“But as you can see, wisdom breaks through the cracks of our hearts, that the shattered pieces that you thought would wound you are images of people that make you whole. Power comes not from any title or fame, it comes from the system that supports and believes in you. And courage sprouts from fear— fear of losing the chance to tell the truth, fear of losing oneself, and fear of losing a dream.

“I have sat and watched everything fade away in front of me, I have listened to a long deafening silence of exile, and I have felt how the world turned its back on me.

“But today, I decided to not just sit and watch. I decided to stand up.

“Today, I decided to not listen to silence. I decided to speak up.

“Today, I decided to woman up.

“To be a defender of others, you must be at the forefront of your battles. “To pick up the sword is not the start of the war but the screams of our verities will always be the start of a revolution. Also, what kingdom do I rule if I can’t even fight for my crown— crown of truth, fairness, and justice?

“Our principles and how we stand up for them is what truly makes a queen, and today I will reclaim my throne,” sabi niya.

Suportado si Joy ni Bb. Pilipinas International 2021 Hannah Arnold, at ng iba pang beauty queen. (Dondon Sermino)

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