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Sophie Albert sa ‘I-Bilib’

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abante-paistaran-dondon-serminoMasayang matuto ng science sa I-BILIB featuring STREET GENIUS! This Sunday, make your morning more exciting­ with award-winning host CHRIS TIU, the wacky duo of JAMES & ROADFILL of MOYMOY PALABOY and Kapuso sweetheart SOPHIE ALBERT!

What can create a spark hot enough to light up gasoline that can make a car explode? What can prevent a muscleman from lifting a woman half his size? Discover the answers with the help of STREET GENIUS in the amazing experiments: SPARK TO LIGHT UP GASOLINE EXPERIMENT and, the MUSCLEMAN LIFTING CHALLENGE!

How does a ninja open a bottle of soda? Find out how in the NINJA SWIPE CHALLENGE!

Can you make your own colorful crystals? Learn how you can in the D-I-Y CRYTALS EXPERIMENT!

Join James at Roadfill as they find out about 3D printed technology and microsatellites at the NATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY WEEK!

Count your lucky stars because for the HULING HIRIT, Sophie will make a yummy EDIBLE CALCULATOR!
Remember to always make your Sunday mornings more exciting­ and educational with I-Bilib!  

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