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Solenn nakipagtalakan sa nagsabing hindi siya Filipino

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Pinalagan ni Solenn Heussaff ang pamba-bash sa kanya kaugnay ng lumabas na artikulo sa isang dyaryo na na-bash sila ng kapatid niyang si Erwan Heussaff kaugnay ng lutong Bicol express.

Rason sa Twitter ni Sos, “Kahit one-fourth Pinoy ako, I’m still Filipino. Half-Filipino, I am still Filipino. You being pure as a Filipino 100 percent by blood, does not make you less of Filipino if you only have 50 percent.”

Sa hashtag na #FilipinoIdentity thread, sinagot siya ng netizen na si Pepe Alas (@JoseMarioAlas):

“This is wrong @solennheussaff. I won’t make similarities with other nationalities or races because our case is unique, but being a Filipino is not about blood or nationality. Being Filipino is beyond that… Filipino is not a race. It’s a concept, an identity.

“Anybody can claim to be a Filipino by nationality, @solennheussaff. Or one can say he’s Filipino by a drop of blood. But to be an authentic Filipino? One has to immerse himself in its identity to find out. One has to learn and understand its history.”

Huling buwelta ng Kapuso actress, “I am Filipino. I grew up here. I am by blood. I am by heart and I do know Filipino culture. I does everything always leave to be a battle in this time and age?”

Kasunod nito ang isang panawagan mula kay Solenn kaugnay ng mga basurang nakikita niya sa mga kalye.

“Guys, I’m seeing more and more trash on the streets Please teach the people around you to dispose properly and stop destro­ying our country. (It’s so sad that something so simple is so hard for some people to do.

“Create hope for the future generation. You don’t need to be an expert to help. Educate the people around you. People need to seriously wake up!”

Anyway, base sa Twitter account ni Pepe Alas, isa siyang Escritor Filipino.

Nakasaad sa 1987 Philippine Constitution na ang sumusunod ay citizens of the Philippines:

1. Those who were citizens of the Philippines at the time of the adoption of this Constitution;

2. Those whose fathers or mothers are citizens of the Philippines;

3. Those born before January 17, 1973, of Filipino mothers, who elect Philippine citizenship upon reaching the age of majority; and

4. Those who are naturalized in accordance with law.

Saan diyan pasok si Solenn?

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