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Secret marshal vs Barumbadong bus driver

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As the end of the year, running out as the hope of a former legislator who dream to become ambassadors of a country.

Our kurimaw wondering how to get a connection to the current administration’s former legislator is positioned is retching on his staff because their wages kinakatay to win.

Moreover, there are also complaints against him allegedly involved in illegal recruitment fraud or those who promised him a job abroad. Fortunately, there buraot resist the nomination of former legislators to become ambassador summer layoff so his application and did not advance to the Commission on Appointments.

Sometimes also involved in shooting incidents in the passenger bus nakagitgitan he was on the road. But because of the power, natural fear victims and had no complaints so happened to continue the happiness of man.

If napurnada ever dream to become ambassador, happy it is still an ex-solon because incumbents turned out his wife is now officially a department. Why should guard his colleagues are doing the wife of former legislator because maybe what kind of corruption actions that do not yet also President Mayor Digong.

Also noted that the bus, it is undeniable that the huge passenger vehicles is one of the causes of traffic in Metro Manila when buraot load and unload passengers the driver.

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Because commission income still dependent on the driver and conductor of the bus, their approach to the mokong makadami passenger. Although the bus from the same company, you can see that in racing paghambalang the street to pick up passengers.

Just recently, a passenger bus lost the arm magkagitgitan two buses. Why, blamed the passengers were exposed why his arm through the window, something denied by the victim. But if they are bumped, do not cut off the arm of the poor passengers.

But how do you reduce the erring driver of the bus on the street like they own the road? Simply said our kurimaw, because not easy to see the CCTV or traffic enforcer in the street when the bus nagkakarera or buraot they operate, why not put some ‘secret’ marshal the MMDA and passenger buses.

What can be done by personnel of the MMDA and LTFRB, they just shoot the video bus when I’ve been like a zigzag in karehan the trend, if and when diagonal load and unload passengers on the street. Do not take away, just pick up the body and plate number of the bus and then summon the driver and operator of the MMDA office or for the LTFRB makutusan, this masermonan and fine. When repeated, harsher penalties yet.

When people found out that the possibility of the MMDA LTFRB or riding them, may slow the ones being reckless on the road to endanger the lives of their passengers. It would be nice if you start putting the secret marshal at times that are convenient trip. What do you think? Always remember: “Children like me and I know Spy.”

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