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Dra. Margarita Holmes

Dear Dra Holmes:

I’m asking this in behalf of my friend (a female friend). Before i go further let me give you a background of the issue.

My friend has an online relationship with a seaman, it has been so obvious that this seaman keeps deep sec­rets or is a perpetual liar.

He gave his local address to my friend, but it turns out to be a fake address (even if he knows that it can be easily be traced) He gave his gf a phone number claiming to be his mom’s and again it turns out to be his, he claims that he is a sea marine engineer, but there are no records that he passed PRC license. He would say: “atsaka na ako mag papaliwanag” if confronted of his lies. This seaman is already 33 years old, his fb page is kept private with no friends listed.

I told my friend that this guy is simply playing and not serious with her (he can not even trust his gf and be honest how can he says he is serious with my friend) … are my observation right? and by the way, according to my friend this guy always ask for cybersex and ask nude photos of my friend (he told my friend that it is just normal between bf and gf, but i said hell no it shows that he does not respect my friend) … tama ba ako doctora? thanks in advance any advice how i can help my friend? Salamat Mitch


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