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Sa 9th anniv ni Tita Cory Kris umaming malabong matupad ang wish ng ina

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Kahit sinasabi ni Kris Aquino na pahinga muna siya sa social media, utos na rin ng kanyang doktor, hindi pa rin niya naiwasang mag-post sa Instagram, at alalahanin ang kanyang ina, si former President Cory Aquino.

Siyam na taon na mula nu’ng mamatay si Tita Cory, at sa tuwing dumarating nga ang August 1, bumabalik sa alaala ni Kris ang mga pangyayari.

“2 AM, August 1, 2009 you said goodbye to us; you battled cancer willingly because you knew we needed those 17 borrowed months w/ you… your time of death & the date- had eerily the same numbers present as dad’s.

“He was killed 1 PM, August 21. In my heart I’m sure you’re happy in heaven now reunited w/ the only man you ever loved.

“Because of what I saw in you, I can still believe that TRUE, COMMITTED, & ENDURING LOVE is REAL because Dad was your 1st, last, & only love…

“You’d tease me that my perfect match would be a male Cory for a lifetime partner because you said I was the female Ninoy, and only a male version of you would understand the passionate “tigas ulo/bawal sumuko/kakayanin lahat” in me…

“Mom, malabo na sigurong mangyari pa yun.

“Nanghihinayang lang ako na hindi mo naabutan yung development ni kuya josh & how slim, respectful, generous in sharing, effortlessly kindhearted, polite, gentle & appreciative he’s grown up to be…

“Since Bimb was only 2- you didn’t fully experience the male Kris in your youngest apo. For sure you’d be the proudest w/ how he’s turning out: excellent grades, articulate, truthful, protective, driven, caring, and responsible. But you’d also be laughing that just like his Mom- wala syang preno sa kadaldalan, he remembers everything & is always ready w/ HIS opinion… I don’t doubt you’re proud of all I achieved- but I hope from heaven you’re seeing pinipilit & pinagsisikapan kong maging “good mom” -because I had the BEST role model in YOU.

“You know August has always been tough for us- but you instilled dignity & strength in all your children. So maybe, hopefully you no longer worry about us.

“(Dance w/ My Father sung by @rnbjayr from my Universal Records album Blessings of Love.).”

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