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I really feel tired

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Dear Dra. Holmes:

Hi Doc my Name is Emma, 27 years old, i live in Europe and married to an europian Man. our Gap is 27 years old. we been married for already 6 years. Our Marriage has always ups and down like other couple. we fight each other. but we still able to get together. until last month. we fought again and it was really worst. he shouted at me so loud. at he took the calendar and hammer it on my Head. he curses say bad words and even hurst me more. i do fought him back verbally too. but he is really worst his mouth when he´s angry is like a lady boy. we have main problem before i marry him he doesn´t have work he depends only the beneficiary of the goverment. and until now he has no work at his age it´s hard to find job. he didn´t even also try to find. but atleast he helps me clean our appartment. but i do work poh. i been working already 3 years and half as a cleaner but since we are beneficiary of the goverment. i couldn´t hold my salary. bec. it´s enough only for our needs. and now i really feel tired, especially after our worst argue. it seems my love for him is gone. i am cold towards him. and im planning to divorce him. please advice me. i don´t know what to do.

Dearest Emma:

I am so, so sorry about what you are going through right now. Isang tanong muna before we can explore the options you have: Do you need him to stay in europe legally or ok ka na re your paperwork? Also, please forgive me that I do not know the divorce laws in europe, but I can be here to support you every step of the way, Ingat–MG Holmes

Hi Doc,

Although I’m not yet citizen but I can stay already in europe. with or without him. Since I’m already 6 years here. 2016 my permission was granted. I renew every 5 years. Emma

Dear Emma:

That is very VERY good news, Emma, So that means you are not dependent on him for your staying there. SO….what keeps you with him pa? TO BE CONTINUED

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