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Payo ni Oprah binalewala ni Justin Bieber

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Nag-throwback si Oprah Winfrey sa naging interview niya noon kay Justin Bieber tungkol sa plano nitong magpakasal sa edad na 25. Kabilang si Oprah sa nagulat sa biglaang engagement ni Justin sa supermodel na si Hailey Baldwin.

Naalala ng TV host and philanthropist na noong 2012, nakapanayam niya ang 18-year old na si Justin sa kanyang Oprah’s Next Chapter at naging topic nga raw nila ay ang pagpapakasal.

Heto ang maging conversation nila six years ago:

Oprah: “So you would want to be married at 25, but you are going to rethink it because I am telling you to.”

Justin: “Yeah, I mean you are Oprah and you are telling me not to get married at 25. I should probably listen.”

Para kay Oprah, ang edad na 25 ay masyado pang bata para magpakasal. Heto ang pinayo niya kay Bieber:

“Rethink that, will you? I think 25 is too young…particularly for you because your whole 20’s is about discovering who really are – and you owe that to yourself because you are in the business that you are in.

“It is not a lot of self-discovery time. So much is already defined for you, so you’re entitled to your opinion, but rethink it.”

Pero mukhang nakalimutan na ni Justin ang pinangako niya kay Oprah at sinunod nito ang kanyang gusto na magpakasal sa edad na 25.

24 years old ngayon si Bieber and he will turn 25 sa March 1, 2019. ()

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