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Dear Dra. Holmes:

My niece, now 27, got pregnant at 15 years of age, while still in 4th year high. She gave birth to a baby boy but never married the father.

She was able to fi­nish college, and now has a job. She has had several relationships, both with single and married men and never married.

Her boyfriend is 33 years old, has two children, and a wife wor­king as an OFW abroad.

A heated exchange of unpleasant messa­ges between her and my wife transpired recently when my niece attemp­ted to introduce her married boyfriend to my wife via messenger.

My wife was boiling mad. The relationship is inappropriate not only because the guy is married but my niece seeks financial support from her parents to pay half of the apartment ren­tal. Her parents were so naive got no hint their daughter is living in with her boyfriend. My niece provides and support the needs of her bf, his kids and her bf’s parents.

My niece’s father and this married bf were team mates in a mountain bike group. The relationship with my niece started in 2015. Her parents couldn’t do anything to stop the relationship. They even tried seeking help from a priest.

My niece is blindly obsessed with this married man, cursing my wife calling her demon when my wife called her and the parents’ attention

This issue has caused division amongst my wife’s brothers, and the cousins.

Dra. Holmes, anong pag-asa pa po ba me­ron para mabuksan isipan ng niece namin? What’s the best possible steps to mitigate the affair?

Concerned uncle.
Dra. Holmes’ answer will be in Wednesday’s column.

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