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Pagbaha, cashless toll payment kakalkalin ng Kamara

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Hihimayin ng House Committee on Metro Manila Development sa mga darating na araw ang mahahalagang isyu na kinakaharap ng bayan.

Kabilang sa mga tatalakayin ng naturang komite na pinamumunuan ni Manila Rep. Manuel Luis T. Lopez ang usapin sa mapinsalang baha na dulot ng mga nagdaang bagyo, cashless toll payment system pati na ang mga isyu na may kinalaman sa credit card, lending at money remittances.

“In the coming days, this committee will study the issues of the soon to be implemented cashless toll payment scheme at the NLEX and SLEX, the abusive, usurious, and highly unfair and irregular practices of credit card, lending, and money remittance companies, entities and individuals, and most recently, the unacceptable damage and loss of life brought about by the flooding caused by Typhoon Ulysses and how we can finally prevent such future disasters from happening in the future,” paghahayag ni Rep. Lopez sa closing remarks nito kasabay ng idinaos na organizational hearing ng komite nitong Miyerkules, Nobyembre 18.

Binanggit ng kongresista mula sa Tondo ang artikulo na nalathala sa Time Magazine noong 2013 na nagbabanggit sa Pilipinas bilang “the most exposed country in the world to tropical storms.”

Hindi rin aniya maikakaila na karaniwan ng pumapasok sa Philippine area of responsibility ang 20 tropical cyclones kada taon.

“Why, and how is it? That seemingly every year, we remain witness to such catastrophes? Are there enough disaster mitigations infrastructure and policies in place?” tanong ni Rep. Lopez.

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“Why is it that as recent as a few months past, this committee was conducting hearings on water interruptions and water rationing in Metro Manila like we reside in an arid desert landscape? And now, we have to conduct investigations on why we cannot manage a large inflow of rainwater brought about by tropical storms. There lies a big disconnect in how we manage this most valuable of resources, water– and of which we are lucky to be abundantly blessed with,” dagdag nito.

Binigyang-diin ni Rep. Lopez na dapat imbestigahan ng malaliman ng Kamara partikular ng Committee on Metro Manila Development ang naturang isyu nang sa gayon ay magkaroon ng solusyon kung paano mapangangasiwaan ng maigi ang pagdaloy ng tubig sa panahon ng tag-ulan at maiimbak ito ng tama para magamit kapag sumapit ang tagtuyot.

“Let us tackle this problem holistically. Let us look at the effects of urbanization and progress. What mitigating policies and regulations are in place and if the same is being implemented properly. Let us take a deep and scientific look at our water retention and containment structures and facilities if they are being preserved or maintained. Let us look at the state of our water tributaries. Let us look at why we are one day confronting the problem of water interruptions and rationing and the next day be confronted by the problem of flooding,” ani Rep. Lopez.

“And finally, who is in charge of all this? A country so blessed with an abundance of water should be able to manage and take care of the blessings bestowed upon it,” giit nito.

Kaugnay nito, nagpasalamat si Rep. Lopez sa masisipag na miyembro ng komite kasabay ng pag-uulat na ang lahat ng mga usapin na isinangguni sa panel ay naaktuhan at epektibong naresolba.

“But as you well know, this committee does not limit itself merely with matters referred. When the situation necessitates… when the lives and well-being of our Metro Manila residents are adversely affected. This committee does not hesitate to fully exercise its oversight function and power to find solutions to the problems we face today,” pagtitiyak ni Rep. Lopez.

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