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Pacman itsapuwera na Floyd Mayweather mas love ni Belo?

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Tanong ng mga inggiterang bading, sobrang pretty ba talaga ni Dr. Vicki Belo, at sa dinami-rami ng mga tao na nagkakagulo sa paligid ni Floyd Mayweather ay siya ang napansin nito, at pinagbigyan na makalapit sa kanya?

Anyway, heto ang kuwento ni Dr. Belo:

“Here’s the Blow by Blow:

1 . When I got to GB 4, Floyd Mayweather was already inside the black SUV with a 3 car convoy ready to leave. People waiting outside Louis Vuitton said he refused to have pictures with anyone.

2. I stood in front of a black tinted window and signed language if I could take a picture.

3. To my surprise, he rolled down the window and I took a picture of him. He then said, come here and take a picture with me. Hence, the second picture.

4. So nice of him right? I feel like I’ve won the lotto because of all the people there I was the only one who got a picture. (PS you’re still number 1 with me Sen. @mannypacquiao)

#FloydMayweather #Pacquiao #Mayweather #pacquiaomayweather#boxing #poundforpound.”

Heto pa ang karugtong na kuwento ni Belo:

“So here’s the funny part. Because the crowd waiting for Floyd Mayweather wasn’t able to take a photo with him (and I was the only one allowed to take a photo), they asked to take my photo instead. They’re so sweet.” (Dondon Sermino)

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