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Paaralang Bahay Kubo: Certificate for Gardeners & Farm Technicians

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Greetings to Abante Readers Philippines-wide and Earth-wide Minda­nao, Visayas and Luzon, with all the farmlands and home lots in need of gardeners and farm technicians.

What are the qualifications and trainings required for gardeners and farm technicians? What schools and agencies offer courses and grant certificates of trainings and accreditation? Or are people recruited for farm labor and seasonal crop work?

Bahay Kubo Global System, Inc. and Tulay ng Buhay at Pag-asa Foundation, Inc. and Jumsa Development and Foundation, Inc. are offering their services and facilities in formalizing the training of prospective gardeners and farm technicians through courses in Paaralang Bahay Kubo.

For its course, the following contents are adopted:

PBK 1: Bahay Kubo Folk Song: Original Stanza plus 5 additional stanzas. And Bahay Kubo IQ Test
PBK 2: Collection of Seeds: Vegetables and Fruits
PBK 3: Nursery: Seed Germination, Sprouts. C.U.P.S: Collect & Use to Plant Seeds
PBK 4: Farm Tools & Equipment: Hoe, Shovel, Pick, Iron Bar, Grass Cutter
PBK 5: Bahay Kubo as Micro – Variety, Multi-Level Farming System
PBK 6: Soil: Natural, Organic & Fertile
PBK 7: Water System: Collection, Irrigation, Drip
PBK 8: Fence: Natural, Live: Bakod na Buhay
PBK 9: V5: Venture in Variety of Vertical Vine Veggies; C5: Crawler, Creeper, Clinger, Climber Crops; BALAG: Trellis, Green House, White House, Brown House; DESIGNS; Make Every Tree Bear Fruits: NEWS: North, East, West, South
PBK 10: Root Crops: Lamang Ugat; Varieties Kamote (Sweet Potato): Color Coding, 7 Plots
PBK 11: Pinakbet Garden/Laswa – La-oy/Bicol Gata
PBK 12: Herbs & Spices: Medicinal, Culinary, Tea, Juice
PBK 13: B5: Bola-Bolang, Buto-Buto Binhi: Gulayan sa Damuhan, Batuhan
PBK 14: Hukay-Hukay Technology: One Square Meter Garden, Fertility Well
PBK 15: Floating Vege­table Garden: Lotus, Water Chestnut: Balsa, Bangka, Styropor
PBK 16: Bahay Kubo Farm Layout, Plan
PBK 17: Contest: Model Bahay Kubo Farm
PBK 18: Seeds for Peace: Food, Health & Livelihood
PBK 19: Agri-Hub: Processing, Marketing, Agri-Business
PBK 20: Celebration: Rainbow Dance – Tree of Life
PBK 21: Certificate: Gardener/Farm Technician

‘Ang Aking Aklat ng Bahay Kubo’ will be available as Manual for the Course. Professionals, Consultants and Practitioners will serve as Resource Persons for the Training. Schedules for courses will be announced and also on arrangement with Local Government Units: Municipal, Provincial, Regional and National as well as Agri-Business, Civic and Non-Government Organizations. Venues will be coordinated in cooperation with accredited and partner farms, gardens and parks.


For more information, contact: Bahay Kubo Global System, Inc, Dr. Jose Pepito Manansala Cunanan, Phone: Smart 0919-9923630; pepz2002@yahoo.com; pcunanan@gmail.com; Facebook: Jose Pepito Cuna­nan; A­nselmo ‘Moi’ Garcia 0908-535-9645, moi.garcia@gmail.com; Rebecca Miranda: 0919-805-1940 rebs_105711@yahoo.com; Roberto Vera Cruz 0918-520-4078 robertveracruz@yahoo.com.ph; Dr. Venerando Catarroja 0999-5016273: venerando.catarroja@yahoo.com; Dionicio Antonio 0932-386-1515 <ammani_agri00@yahoo.com> Ed Manugue 0919-555-0347 <edmanugue@yahoo.com; Dan Ricohermoso 0908-216-5916 <dan7riches@yahoo.com
JUMSA Peace & Development Foundation Inc. & Jumsa Trading Corporation Inc. Princess Jum Unga Angel 0999-455-0910 Main Office: Lampaya, Talipao, Jolo, Sulu jumsafoundation@yahoo.com; Radzma Angel 0998-245-6631. www. umsa.foundation.com> Nature’s Thrive: Davao City: Maritess Campomanes Gacotano Alaba, 0907-995-1008 naturesthrive@gmail.com.

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