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My son and his ex-GF

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Dear Dra. Holmes:

I am seeking your advice on a “situation” I have dealing with my son’s ex-girlfriend. She is not a usual “ex” — in fact, I had wan­ted my son to marry her and up to this day I am sad that they were not able to sustain a promi­sing, live-in relationship of 10 years. You can ima­gine that for my family, their split was akin to a divorce, his girlfriend had spent the last 6 years’ Christmases, New Year’s eves and birthdays with us all! So their split also meant a separation from his family. I think this is a sad sad thing.

Anyway, she conti­nued to keep a few of us as her FB friends and as she also moni­tored my health du­ring critical times of my illness, she occasionally sends me messages. She also enjoyed home decorating, seriously enough for a side business, and as I like home decorating too, I would occasionally “like” her new offe­rings posted on FB as a way of encouragement.

Now, my youngest daughter says that I should be more careful about engaging in FB chatter with this ex-future daughter-in-law, saying that she herself wouldn’t like me to continue being friendly with her ex-boyfriend and that I should perhaps also consider my son’s feelings about the whole “situation”.

What do you think? If they were married and they had a divorce or a separation, I think I would have conti­nued a relationship with her, no? But do ex-girlfriends go into a separate category? Help!

Oh, and my son does not really care to talk about the reasons for their breakup but he looks like he has moved on, i.e. dates and all. But I have a suspicion he still hurts. Oh dear. Dee



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