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Dear Dra. Holmes:
I just want to ask something. I’m married for 9 years with 1 child. Way back 2010 we’ve got ­separated because my ­husband ­cheated me when I was working abroad and I decided to go back home to check what ­happens and ­after I week that we’ve ­talked we ­decided to ­separate.

I tried my very best to save the marriage but it wasn’t working at all. My husband dumped me. For me that was the very hardest part because that was my first time to experience to be dumped.

To make the story short so I work again abroad just to let him know that I’m not worthless. Thank God I made it. Now I’m here in Canada. It’s been 4 years that we’ve been separated. We have on and off ­communication until July of this year my ex hubby gave me a message that he wants to borrow our daughter.

I was shocked about this because for 4 years also he never communicate with our child no financial no hello at all and then suddenly he will ask to borrow. Our child was 9 years old when we separated. And last month when I talked with my ex hubby all the question that I have to ask him way back 2010 was answered.

We had a long talk and my feelings towards him was still the same but my mind say it should not be the same because of what happened to us and to be honest it’s really difficult to win back the trust. In a long distance relationship now we’re just in a 3 months relationship he’s been very good and consistent as well. Now I just want to ask from you what can I do now about my husband.

He wants me again and now my present boyfriend doesn’t deserve to treated like this; it’s unfair for him right? Now my heart says my hubby but my mind say my present boyfriend. Can you give me some advice on how to make this?

Dear Rebecca:
Sasagutin ko ang iyong tanong sa aking kolum sa Miyerkoles. Ingat – MG Holmes.
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