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Mga apo ‘di pa rin tanggap ang pagkamatay ni Lolo Miguel

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Malapit na kaibigan ng mga Barretto si Beverly Vergel. At sa huling lamay nga ay napansin niya ang sobra-sobrang kalungkutan ng mga apo ng namayapang si Mr. Miguel Barretto.

“Last night at the wake of Tito Mike, the BARRETTO patriarch…

“Behind closed doors. After the guests have left. Generations of Barretto’s sat inside the chapel. The grandchildren kept going to ‘Pikey’ as they fondly call Tito Mike.

“They kept touching the cover, wiping, opening, adjusting and closing it, fixing the satin cloth around the coffin’s rim.

“I was seated beside Tita Inday Barretto who said… ‘It’s harder on the grandchildren’, as she looked at them fuzzing over with fondness at their ‘Pikey’.

“I saw how the grandchildren wanted him to wake-up. I saw the two video presentations. One made by Dani and another by Leon. Both full of love and both showed what ‘Pikey’ meant to them and in their lives. The grandchildren were in tears.

“For the grandchildren, ‘PIKEY’ is the greatest loss they’ve experienced in their young lives. Let’s pray for God’s love and comfort to be showered upon them and the Barretto clan. Peace.”

Makikita nga sa mga Instagram account ng mga batang Barretto ang sobra-sobrang kalungkutan nila. (Dondon Sermino)

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