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Netizen nagbanta: LeBron babarilin sa ulo!

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NAKATANGGAP ng isang malalang death threat si Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James mula sa isang Instagram user sa social media nitong Huwebes.

“On Thursday, February 18, I will be going to a Nets vs Lakers game,” panimula sa nasabing post kung saan tinag pa ang four-time NBA champion at may larawan ng isang baril.

Lahad pa sa post, “I will sneak this gun showed in the picture into the arena and shoot James in the head during a timeout. You have been warned James.”

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Kinalaunan matapos maipost ang pagbabanta, humingi agad ng patawad ang nasabing Instagram user.

“I’d like to publicly apologise for threatening LeBron as a JOKE. I’ve come to realise things like these aren’t jokes and can be taken very seriously, ” anunsyo ng nagbanta kay LeBron.

Dugtong pa nito, “I have over 500 requests after going private because someone posted it on Twitter. Y’all can hate on me all y’all want, but I truly apologise and if I could go back in time and think before posting something like that I would.”

Sa kasalukuyan, deleted na ang nasabing post at may zero Instagram post na rin ang account ng nagbanta. (JAToralba)

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