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Sa gitna ng ating quarantine at ng battle agains COVID-19, di kailang the world is still being blessed by new babies born each day. And the new life brings about new hope and joy to these families.

Maraming benefits ang baby massage. Tandaan that with each gentle stroke, damang dama ni baby ang aruga at pagmamahal mo. Touch, in general, strengthens bond between two warm bodies. At tulad ng massages that we adults get, baby massages help your baby to feel more relaxed, which may improve their sleep. Baby massages are a great way to bring you and your little one closer. Hindi lamang para kay mommy and baby ito. Pwede rin ito para sa daddy, Tito, tita, lolo, lola or kung sino mang gusto makibond kay baby. Trust and communication develop as you interact with your baby. Your calming touch is magical. Baby massage ay maaring maka-stimulate ng circulatory and digestive systems. It helps in conditions tulad ng colic, constipation and cramps. Massages may also help ease muscular tension, growing pains and teething discomfort, as well as stimulate growth in preterm infants.

Ayon sa International Association of Infant Massage dapat ay i-introduce sa mga magulang pagmamasahe sa isang bagong silang . Maraming mga magulang ang nageenjoy sa touch therapy placing their baby on their chest, bare skin to bare skin. This is known as skin-to-skin care or kangaroo care. Habang buhat buhay ang iyong baby, gradually start stroking their legs and back. Then move on to other areas such as the arms. If your baby has any health issues, you should speak with their doctor first to decide if you can proceed with baby massage.

After the first few weeks, pwede na si baby for massage. Pakiramdaman ang mood ni baby. Your baby should be calm, alert, and content when you’re ready to give them a massage. Never perform any massage technique that seems to make your baby uncomfortable.

Isang palatandaan na hindi ready si baby when the bay turns their head away from you or stiffens their arms. Maghintay at least 45 minutes after a feeding bago i-massage si baby. Performing a baby massage too soon after they eat can cause vomiting.

Gaano nga ba kadalas i-massage si baby? Pwedeng araw araw or every other day ang baby massage. Pwedeng sa umaga to start the day or bago matulog to help prepare them to go to sleep. I used to do it after ko paliguan, habang nilalagyan ng baby lotion ang baby ko. Pakiramdaman at ibobserve ang reaction ni baby.

Massage your baby in a warm, quiet place. Siguraduhing komportable kayo ni baby. You can also play your baby’s favorite songs to help set the mood.
1. Place them on a towel on their back so they can maintain eye contact. Let them know it’s massage time as you undress them.
2. Simulan by pretending your fingers are raindrops touching your baby’s skin for the first few rounds.
3. Slowly rub each body part. Your touch should be gentle at first.
4. Spend some time rubbing each of their body parts, starting with their head and moving gradually down to their feet. Walang specific recommended time for the massage. Each part of the massage should last as long as you and your baby are enjoying it.
5. You can also try placing your baby on their belly for a short massage, though some babies may not like being on their tummies for long.

Tips while doing your baby massage:
1. Play calming music or nursery rhymes or your fave songs.
2. Kung ayaw niyo naman mag play ng songs, pwede ring gawin itong storytelling time.
3. Maintain eye contact and keep smiling.
4. Keep talking to your baby and keep smiling at your baby. Paulit ulit na banggitin ang name ni baby at ang word na “relax.”
5. Pwedeng gumamit ng baby lotion or oil. First, test the oil by applying a small dab to a patch of your baby’s skin. Check to see if your baby has a reaction. This is especially important for babies with allergies or have very sensitive skin.

You and your baby may have to practice a few times before getting the massage just right. Practice makes perfect. With each practice, you’re developing a deeper, loving bond with your baby.

Abangan ang iba pang baby masage tips sa susunod ko pang articles. If may katanungan, DM me sa IG @thera.peach. Stay home. Stay safe and healthy.



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