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Margarito: ‘Bineybi’ ko si Manny!

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HALOS 10 taon matapos ang upakan kay Manny Pacquiao noong Nobyembre 2010, inamin ngayon ni Antonio Margarito na minaliit niya ang ‘Pambansang Kamao’.

“It was a difficult night, that’s why I mentioned that you can say many things when you see a fighter, but being up there in the ring is different. In that fight I said that there would be no problems, I said that I did not mind him hitting me six times at a time, because when I caught him I was going to put him away because of this weight limit,” tanaw-balik ni Margarito sa gabi ng kanilang bugbugan ni pacquiao.

Pag-amin nito, nagkamali siya nang ‘bineybi’ si Manny.

“But I was wrong because Pacquiao, apart from being accurate, was very fast and had a good shot and hit very hard. The problem was getting a hold of him, but I am happy for what I accomplished.”

Nagwagi si Pacquiao via 12-round unanimous decision para makuha ang ikawalong dibisyong korona, ang WBC junior middleweight title na pinaglabanan sa catch-weight na 150 pounds.

Kwento pa ni Margarito, dapat ay itinigil na ang laban dahil bugbg-sarado na siya sa Pinoy champion.

“The truth was that they mentioned that to me, when I went back to the corner, that [my face] was very bad and I told them not to stop the fight, I hoped I could catch him. I think it was in round seven that I nailed him with a hook down to the body and put him in a bad way… even Pacquiao himself mentioned it. But they did tell me that maybe it was time to stop it and I didn’t want to because I was hoping to catch him with a punch, but I was really wrong,” aniya. (Ferdz Delos Santos)

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