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Maine nilaglag ng mga fan ni Alden

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Anyareeeee???? Kung dati-rati ay halos magpakamatay, o pumatay, ang mga tagahanga, para lang magkaroon ng movie project sina Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza, biglang-bigla, nag-iba ang ihip ng ha-ngin ngayon.

Heto nga, nag-number one trending sa Twitter ang pa-hashtag na #NoToALDUBMovie, ha!

Bakit nga ba? Nagsawa na ba ang mga fan nila sa sobra-sobrang pakiusap na bigyan ng pelikula ang dalawa, na feeling nila ay hindi naman sila mapagbibigyan, kaya heto na ngayon ang paandar nila, ang huwag na lang pagsamahin sa pelikula ang dalawa.

O puwede ring nire-reverse psychology nila ang mga producer? Na baka ‘pag sa kanila naman nanggaling na ayaw na nilang mapanood ang dalawa na magkasama sa movie, biglang maisip ng mga producer na pagsamahin sila?

O puwede ring napagod na talaga ang mga fan na suportahan ang AlDub tandem, dahil alam na nga nilang walang patutunguhan?

O puwede ring baka gumaganti naman ang mga solid fan ni Alden Richards, na dahil na-kagawa ng pelikula ang idol nila na si Kathryn Bernardo ang kapareha, at umabot na sa kulang-kulang isang bilyon ang kinita, at patuloy pa ngang kumikita, feeling nila ay hindi na kailangan ni Alden si Maine?

Well, heto nga ang chika ng mga fan:

@joopieness, “After HLG, Alden leveled up. The other one clearly was ungrateful to her Aldub fans so why this? No need na. She decided to end the Aldub phenomenon anyway, so why bother?”

t that A will be in. However, IMHO which probably matters to no one, #NoToALDUBMovie I do not see their mgmt or creatives coming up with a quality project with a superb promo in the foreseeable future. KS was it, end of story.”

@ANNwithnoE6, “An aldub movie is not good for Alden, it’s a step backward. It will be another half-assed storyline with sappy dialogue and Alden playing second fiddle to someone whose best effort is sakto lang. Sorry, harsh but I’ve had it.”

@darylmico16, “I have nothing against Maine Mendoza but Alden Richards has been regressing his acting capability for years just to compensate the lacking of acting prowess of his love team It’s just not right Someone needs to level up And surely it’s not Alden.”

@brbbea, “Alden is a great actor. One of the best, top caliber. Hes more than the pakilig, his acting has depth where only the passionate ones can have. Alden deserve projects that will make him grow more as an actor & fellow actors w the same passion in acting.”

@Marushk99454463, “Alden’s priority now is doing more QUALITY projects, doing indies, go to int’l film fests. If you want him to pursue something that is not aligned to his plans, then you don’t really care and you dont really know him. Are u really a fan?”

@oohhshelly, “Alden is a one brilliant actor, he should not settle for less. I mean c’mon guys, she does not match his acting, he can’t do pabebe movies or acting just to match her, he has a lot to offer. Alden is an actor before anything else. (at least in my opinion tho).”

@idiosyncraticxx, “Sorry if nakikisali ako but I’ve seen how Alden was thrown such hurtful words that he did not deserve by the fans of the other party. It’s best if there’s no comeback.”

@SeafoamLove, “May pa-never lose hope pa tong mga to. A big, fat NO. You had him for 3 years and yet you trapped him, all you saw in him was a kilig machine. Yes, AlDub may have helped his career, but in so many ways, it was more of a curse than a blessing.”


AlDub Nation nagwala sa Twitter

Tila bulkan na bumulwak ng lava ang pakiramdam ng mga tagahanga nina Alden Richards at Maine Mendoza, o ‘yung solid na AlDub Nation, dahil sa nag-number one na pa-hashtag kahapon, ang #NoToALDUBMovie.

Hindi pumayag ang mga nagmamahal kina Alden at Yaya Dub, kaya naman sama-sama sila, at ipinaramdam na buhay na buhay pa sila, at pinainit ang pa-hashtag naman na #YesNaYesToAlDubMovie. At yes,

waging-wagi sila, dahil ilang oras pa lang ang nakalipas, nilampaso talaga nila ang pa-hashtag na #NoToALDUBMovie, ha!

Heto nga ang ilan sa mga tweet ng mga solid AlDub:

@darna817, “#YesNaYesToAldubMovie is our HT for today. Go ALDUBNation. Show them what we’ve got. DONOTREACT2THEM.”

@PeraltaAmhir, “Let go nation i-top trend na natin ito #YesNaYesToAldubMovie.”

@fermin_marilou, “Our greatest competitor should be ourselves and not others!”

@RichmaineMf, “#YesNaYesToAldubMovie #ALDUBxADNSarilingAtin. “Support what you love instead of bashing what you hate.”

Well, sa ganitong labanan, sino ba ang tunay na panalo? Siyempre, sina Alden at Maine pa rin, ‘di ba?

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