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Lucy Torres super cheesy, lambing ang b-day message kay Richard

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Birthday (April 7, 1966) ni Ormoc Mayor Richard Gomez, at siyempre, inabangan ng mga fan ang mensahe sa kanya ng misis niyang si Cong. Lucy Torres Gomez.

At yes, sobrang cheesy, sobrang lambing, sobrang punong-puno ng pagmamahalng mensahe ni Lucy para kay Goma.

“I love this photo of you, taken just a few days ago. Juliana had just baked bread, and we were outdoors enjoying wind and sun.
“This is you. In my eyes…

“You can fix anything that is broken, play the guitar and sing me love songs, dance with me. You take care of your friends, bring home strangers and treat them like family, you nurture your own vegetable garden, make and plate a full course meal at midnight, love your dogs (and 2 turtles, bees, chicken, geese). You make sure everybody at home respect birds’ nests. And you plant me trees to commemorate milestones.

“Every day you wake up early and work hard to keep Ormoc safe. And by the time the sun sets you come home, this warrior who already did much but is able and ready still to just be father, husband, man. Is there anything you can’t do.

“My dearest love. You are joy and strength and courage, my warrior, my Superman.
“Happy birthday, my sun and moon. I love you always and always. Cheers to more happy and healthy birthdays to celebrate.♥️

Oh, di ba? Sa panahon na puno ng virus ang paligid, ang sarap makabasa ng ganitong mensahe na puno ng pagmamahal. (Dondon Sermino)

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