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Love ako ni Uncle

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Dear Dra Holmes:
I hope you help me, I hope you will not judge my uncle or me.
My uncle took care of me since I was 16 (I am noW 19). My uncle is the husband of the sister of my mother.
My auntie took me in when I went to school in Manila. They paid for my schooling and everything else I needed. They have no children.
Something sad happened three weeks ago. My auntie died. After 3 weeks, my uncle then told me that he loves me, not as a daughter but as someone who is his wife. He told me he said nothing while his wife was alive because he did not want to hurt her.  But now that she is dead, there is no­thing wrong with saying how he feels. 
I do not know what to do. He is not forcing me to do anything, not even to love him back. And for that I love him more. Also, I do not know where I can go if I leave this house. Please help.
Dear Angel:
Maraming salamat sa sulat mo. Nakikiramay ako sa pagkamatay ng tiya mo, ang kapatid ng mama mo. Nakikiramay (?) din ako sa mga sinabi sa iyo ng tiyo mo pagkatapos ng iilang lingo lang (3 linggo) ng kamamatay ng tiya mo. Nilagyan ko ng question mark  (?) ang salitang “nakikiramay” dahil hindi ko alam kung ang kaniyang pagbukas ng kanyang kalooban ay isang bagay na na inaasahan mo; isang bagay na kahit hindi mo inaasahan at wala kang malay na ganito ang isip ng tiyo mo, ay maligayang pagdating rin sa iyo. To be continued…
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