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Kris walang kakayahang pumatay, magpapatay

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Itinanggi ng abogado ni Kris Aquino na pinagbantaan ng Queen of Social Media ang dati niyang kasos­yo na si Nic Falcis. Sa interview nga ni Atty. Jesus Falcis ay nasabi nito na may ‘banta’ si Kris kay Nic kaya ito nagpunta sa ibang bansa.
Sa interview ni Kris sa Mandaluyong Hall of Justice last week, tinanong siya tungkol doon, at ang sagot nga niya: “Sino nagsabi?” tanong ni Kris.
Si Atty. Falcis, sagot ng reporter.
“Oh, sana si Nicko ang nagsalita,” sagot ni Kris sabay lakad palayo, dahil niyaya na siya ni Bimby at ng abogado niyang si Atty. Fortun.
At kahapon nga ay nag-post ang abogado (Divina Law, Dynamic Lawyering) ni Kris ng ‘statement’ sa kanyang Instagram. STATEMENT FOR MS. KRIS AQUINO IN RESPONSE TO THE PRESS CON OF ATTY. JESUS FALCIS:
“It is surprising why the brother of Mr. Nicardo Falcis, Jr., is the one making a public statement on his behalf.
“Ms. Kris Aquino filed cases against Mr. Nicardo Falcis, Jr. He has not submitted any counter-affidavit until now.
“There is no warrant for his arrest. Why is he hiding? Flight is an admission of guilt. Ms. Kris Aquino is not capable of having someone killed.
“That is why she filed cases in the proper forum. Because she believes in the legal process. She will still be filing other cases. But we will not discuss the cases in media.
“We tried to reach out to amicably settle these cases. It was Mr. Nicardo Falcis, Jr., his relatives and his lawyers who were unreasonable, unwilling and insincere.
 “We give you screenshots of the text messages between us and the lawyers of Mr. Nicardo Falcis, Jr. These exchanges will show that Ms. Kris Aquino is telling the truth.”

‘Hindi ako sinungaling at magnanakaw!’ Utol-abogado ni Nic kakasuhan sa QC

Patindi nang patindi ang eksena, kaganapan sa ‘problema’ nina Kris Aquino at ng dati niyang kasosyo na si Nic Falcis, ha!
At ngayong umaga, may bago na namang pasabog, o kaso si Kris laban kay Falcis. Pero, mukhang hindi lang yata si Nic Falcis, na dati niyang kasosyo sa KCAP, ang kakasuhan niya, kundi pati na mismo ang abogado, kapatid nito na si Atty. Jesus Falcis, ha!
Heto nga ang Instagram post ni Kris kahapon:
“I am sorry that I do not fit the “mold” of what most people have come to admire in my family… I am not simple. I do not keep quiet when attacked. I am not private. And I don’t play down what I’ve achieved because I have had to be fierce in order to survive… I also do not subscribe to the belief that people should be allowed to just tell their lies since eventually the truth comes out anyway, because in my opinion we are only sure of NOW.
“I know everything about me can be scrutinized because I chose a high profile career. The millions I earn give you the right to judge me, my past, my mistakes, and even my choice in men… yet nobody can ever justifiably say that there is anything remotely questionable about my financial dealings, my trustworthiness about money, and most especially the transparency and absolute spotlessness of my BIR tax records.
“I have heard all the insults BUT the 1 thing that has ne­ver stuck is that Kris Aquino is a liar. Drama queen, possible… but definitely not lying queen and never magnanakaw queen.
“On Monday morning with an apology in advance to Mayor Herbert Bautista and Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, I shall again need to step on your turf because the Quezon City Hall of Justice is within your compound.
“I was brought up to respect the rule of law, my father gave his life for that principle. And I am also my mother’s daughter, so I shall be exercising my constitutional right to defend my dignity and honor. Pinalaki po akong hinaharap, hindi tinataguan ang lahat ng mga kaso.
“P.S. To my followers, my lovers, and also my haters: Divina Law and Atty. Sig Fortun gave me strict instructions to turn off commenting for this post so as not to be accused of using public opinion to strengthen my cases. Monday morning, November 19, 2018 shall anyway come soon enough for even more of my truth to be heard in the proper forum.” 

Nicko napilitan mag-abroad dahil sa pagbabanta ni Ms. Aquino – Atty. Jesus Falcis

Idinaan ng abogado/utol ni Nic Falcis, Jr., na si Atty. Jesus Falcis, sa Instagram ang pagka-miss niya sa kapatid niya na nasa ibang bansa pa rin ngayon. Makikita sa Instagram post ni Atty. Falcis ang mensahe niya:
“Missing my brother so much on my birthday salubong. Thank God we have the internet and modern technology to bridge the gap. Kahit napilitan sya mag abroad dahil sa pagbabanta ni Ms. Aquino, at least nakasama ko pa din sya at nakapag birthday celebration kami ng live.
“Ms. Aquino, you stole my brother! All because of your vindictiveness against him for leaving you.
“Sa totoo lang, naaawa ako sayo. You grew up without a father figure and forced into the limelight. Kaya ayan, gusto mo lagi may lalaki sa buhay mo, center of attention ka, at hindi mo kayang iniiwan ka. Tapos lagi mo po ginagawang pa victim ang narrative mo, from Joey Marquez (kahit mali alam ng public) to my brother.
“Tapos may patawa ka pa na post na my brother’s credit card charge­s violated your endorsement deals?
Haha ang hindi pagkain ng ibang chicken aside sa Chowking eh personal obligation mo. BTW Ms. Aquino, kamusta yung mga kinain mong Bon Chon, Jollibee, at Pancake House?
“Mahirap maging anak ni Ninoy at Cory. Pero ok naman lumabas yung iba mong mga kapatid. Bat ikaw naging ganyan?”

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