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Kris tapos nang magbayad sa pagkukulang ng mga LP member

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Kaaliw si Kris Aquino, na ipinakita nga niya ang mga pasa niya sa braso, na sabi nga niya ay ‘dilawan’ talaga.

“Because I’ve kept my sense of humor: opo, kahit mga pasa ko, dilawan. dapat lang dahil bunso ako ni Cory at Ninoy Aquino. Although in case you’re curious, bumoto ako ng 8 para sa Senado… kaya lang hindi direcho. 4 galing sa ocho, 2 admin, and 2 independents.

“I voted not along party lines BUT voted based on my personal choice because after all that’s one of democracy’s principles, 1 person, 1 vote,” sabi ni Kris.

Eh, humirit si usrnameisinvalid na: “Otso diretso is LP. We’ve done so much work defending LP, you and your family from bashers. The least you can do is set aside your personal issues and think of the implications of not having a strong and solid opposition in this circus govt. People are d­ying and you voted for the admin lapdogs. Wow.”

Kaya sinagot ni Kris na: “@usrnameisinvalid maybe because the LP isn’t synonymous to who we are as a family. Iisa lang naman sa limang Aquino ang nag-LP, that was my brother. Maybe it’s also sickening to have been held responsible & accountable for the sins of certain members in the LP when I know we never enriched ourselves, we didn’t do a precursor to President Trump – nobody from our immediate family was appointed or held a position, we never even joined my brother in any of his foreign trips so as not to be accused of impropriety.

“So yes it is personal dahil tapos na kong manahimik sa pagbayad para sa mga kasalanan at pagkukulang nung mga ibang LP nung nabigyan sila ng pagkakataon ng mga botante. I am not my siblings, I won’t quiet take the punches because the truth is, we took the hits for the shortcomings of others. #truth.”

Well… (Dondon Sermin­o)

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