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Kris nasusuklam sa alindog niya

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Aware si Kris Bernal sa mga nanlalait sa kanyang alindog. Kung ano-ano nga ang tinawag sa kanya na nakakasakit ng damdamin.

“May all the food I eat go straight to my balakang.

“A lot of people assume that I am confident in my body but it’s actually something I struggle with too.

“There are days where I love the way I look but there are also days where I hate the way I look but it’s so important to try to find a middle ground: Treat yourself with kindness, wear something comfortable, try not to compare yourself with others and not to body check in mirrors, and continue to eat, and go about your day as best you can.

“Remember, it’s progress over perfection! This is just a reminder that you’re strong & worthy!! And, you are more than your body!

“BTW! No, this is not chillin’, it’s our taping location for #Artikulo247! 🏖 Goodmorning!!” sabi ni Kris.
Well… (Dondon Sermino)

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