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Kris muntik mag-organ shutdown

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Ano nga ba ang rason at bigla-bigla ay lumipad si Kris Aquino pa-Amerika?

Bakasyon na ba agad-agad? Hindi ba’t kakabakasyon lang niya last February kasama ang mga anak? Bakit nga ba?

“I want to be honest about why we are flying all the way to the US for my medical assessment… There is this feeling within me that if I don’t initiate sharing my story I open myself up to so many made up scenarios, yet by just telling the truth I may also be helping other people with medical conditions they are ignoring prioritize their health.

“August of 2017 after a full day shooting outdoors during that time of the month that I had my period, my blood pressure at night after the shoot when we got home dropped to 80/50. This worried my doctors because of all the dangers most especially hypovolemic shock (in simple language my organs could have shut down).

“I was told to have complete bed rest for 3 days, but that night big hives started appearing on my legs all the way up to my arms and neck. I have been on low dose betablockers as maintenance since my pre Christmas 2016 executive checkup in San Francisco and my BP problems have mostly been solved.

“The problem is that the most effective treatment for an allergy attack as severe as mine was would be an antihistamine with a steroid component. I don’t react well to steroids, they cause my blood pressure to suddenly rise.

“So for nearly 2 weeks I was bedridden waiting it out just on antihistamines and topical ointments for the hives to stop being so angry and flatten. I am lucky – I haven’t scarred because the tendency would really be to scratch cau­sing wounds on the skin that could become scars. Cetaphil, Aveeno, and Elica cream have all been kind to my skin.

“Since August not a month has passed without me having to suffer through an allergic attack, although the duration would never exceed 4 days. These almost always occur right before or during my menstrual periods.

“The triggers have been varied – dust, pollen, food, exhaustion etc… And the main problem has been the effect the allergy attacks have on my blood pressure – it either drops super low, or elevates to hypertensive urgency level – this Monday after a Sunday allergic reaction that manifested in hives in my arms, my BP went up to 180/110 – causing me to throw up nonstop because of my dizziness. Again this timed itself right before I got my monthly period.

“I hate worrying my sisters and my sons. The US-based doctor who helped solve my blood pressure issues by assembling a team of specialists 15 months ago was kind enough to help me get consultations with specialists again, but we had to fly now because a lot of the doctors would be going on their spring breaks with their families…”

Anyway, marami pang kuwento si Kris sa blog entry niyang ito, at kasama na nga roon ang mga trabaho pang gagawin niya tulad ng pelikula, at siyempre, ang tungkol pa rin sa lovelife niya.


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