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Kris dedma na sa mga kaaway

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May bagong hirit si Kris Aquino kaugnay ng pagsasabong sa kanila ni Assistant Communications Secretary Mocha Uson. Inalmahan na niya ang lumabas na fake news na lalabanan niya si Uson sa pagka-senador kapag tumakbo siya sa 2019 election.

Sa latest post sa IG, isang statement ng inilabas ni Kris:

“TRUTH: HINDI KO PO PINATULAN yung may 5.4 million FB followers because though our opinions may differ, I respect what she has built. Do you really think I will share my 3.2 million IG, 1.37 million twitter & 1 million FB followers w/ someone who barely has 40K FB followers?”

Heto naman ang nasa caption ng IG post ni Kris:

“Lesson for all: Choose your battles w/ giants. If you lose at least you proved your courage.

It is stupidity to fight someone w/ nothing to lose who just wants a little bit of your spotlight.

My unsolicited advice: – please work harder so you can afford to buy diva lights & your own HMI so that you need not post using my name & Ms. Uson’s to gain attention. We worked hard for our relevance…” 

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