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Kama­kailan nga ay umusad na ang arraignment sa cyber libel case na isinampa ni Queen of All Media Kris Aquino versus Jesus Falcis.

Via Instagram, matapang na nag-post si Jesus ng pic kasama ang kanyang abogado na si Atty. Dyan Catapang sa QC Hall of Justice at sinabi pang, “Today was arraignment and pre-trial. We were present and NOT ABSENT. ;)”

Ngayon naman ay may sagot na si Kris, via Facebook, at nadamay pa ang isang entertainment portal, ang PEP.

Matapos magkuwento sa kung ano sa palagay niya ang definition ng libel, ito ang sinabi ni Kris:

“They resorted to fighting not with facts BUT with trying to d­estroy my character and reputation (what to this day has felt unjust was the blatant, one sided reporting of PEP that behaved more like a PR machine with the goal of making the Falcis brothers appear beyond reproach and their every statement gospel truth- my heart and mind both ask WHY?

“What sin did i commit against the Gokongwei family or the editorial board of PEP to have been subjected to what they put me through? I wouldn’t be reacting this way had any effort in the interest of journalistic fair play was used, to reach out to me or my legal team, BUT no such efforts were ever made.)

“Ako pinili kong lu-maban with what i had, the FACTS.”

Nakisimpatya naman ang mga netizen kay Kris.

“Two readings about life’s realities, survival and hope today .. .GOD bless us all especially you and your.family ms. Kris.”

“God is always there for you for kuya josh and bunso bimb.i also declare god will restore all and bck for you…godbless you kris…love love love..”

“God Bless you KRIS .. Keep on fighting.. just believe that GOD is Good.. Kahit anong paninira ng iba sa family nyo or sayo..tinitingala ko pa rin ang family nyo at ikaw.. luv luv luv…Kaya mo yan tiwala lang…alam kong fighter ka. GO GO KRIS.” (Jun Lopez)

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