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KC Montero kulong sa paglabag sa COVID-19 quarantine restriction

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Kasama si KC Montero sa 120 katao na inaresto sa isang bar sa 18th floor sa Makati City for violating #COVID19Quarantine restrictions.

Makikita nga sa nagkalat na photo sa Twitter na karamihan sa mga dinampot ay mga foreigner.

Well, sa panahon ngayon ay hindi pa nga pinapayagan na mag-operate ang mga bar sa mga lugar na under general community quarantine.

Sa Twitter ni KC Montero ay mababasa ang sunod-sunod na tweet niya na:

“This is absolutely ridiculous.

“Arrest us for not social distancing (we were actually practicing it) we were there for 5 minutes for dinner.

“So take all of us from a wide open area, cram us into a tiny police station, hot no AC, then cram us on to truck shoulder to shoulder. How is that responsible? The exact opposite of social distancing.

“I was hungry, I went to eat at a place that seemed open. Now I’m arrested. I really should’ve stayed home and watched Gilmore Girls.

“Why were they open if they’re not allowed to open? Maybe that’s my fault, I didn’t do my research. My first time there… I probably should’ve stayed home tonight.”
Noong huli naming na-check ang Twitter account ni KC, wala na ang mga naturang tweet. (Dondon Sermino)

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