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Jessy umamin sa sakit, depresyon

‘I was depressed and heartbroken’

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Super proud si Jessy Mendiola sa ka­seksihan niya ngayon. Kung dati-rati, dahil palaging naba-bash ang kanyang katawan ay umabot sa point na ikinahiya na niya ang kanyang katawan.

Maraming beses na iniyakan ni Jessy ang kanyang katawan. Na kung tutuusin ay hindi naman dapat, dahil sure naman ako, maraming babae ang inggit na inggit sa kanyang kaseksihan, kesehodang sabihin pa ng iba na medyo may kalakihan ito kesa sa normal na seksing pinaniniwalaan ng ibang tao.

Anyway, makikita nga sa Instagram ni Jessy ang slide photos na iba’t ibang sukat, hugis ng pigura niya. Mula sa pagiging medyo malaki, hanggang sa halos abs na nga ang makikita sa kanyang tiyan.

At lahat ‘yon ay dahil sa pagsusumikap, paghihirap niya, at suporta na rin sa kanya ng mga taong nagmamahal sa kanya.

“Losing/maintaining weight has always been a struggle for me. I only started taking my health seriously some time last year. It’s so hard to be in tip-top shape especially when a lot of people try to put you down and tell you how you’re supposed to look.

“Sometimes you’re too thin, sometimes too fat. I used to hate my thighs and arms. I would always kill myself at the gym just to achieve unrealistic body goals and starve myself just to reach my weight goal, 100lbs (2nd pic, 110lbs).

“I was depressed and heartbroken at that time (2013) and I gained 25lbs (3rd pic). I still kept pushing myself to work out every day. I suffered from Bulimia and B.E.D (Binge Eating Disorder), desperate to lose weight in a short period of time – from 135lbs I went down to 103lbs (4th pic).

“I starved myself just to lose unwanted weight… to look ‘perfect’ but I was so unhappy. I couldn’t live my life the way I wanted to. I was usually weak and ‘lutang’ because I didn’t have enough nutrients in my body.

“This kept going until 2016 when I suddenly gained all the weight back and eventually hit my heaviest weight, 140lbs. Because of all the hate online, the struggle with myself kept going until 2017 (5th pic). It was only last year when I started changing my workouts and eating habits with the help of @bodybymamakat & @nadinetengco and of course to @luckymanzano. He made me feel better every time I felt so insecure about myself and he helped me recover from my depression and made me feel loved every single day.

“Sorry for this long caption. I guess all I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t matter how long it takes for you to find inner peace and whatever works for you, just stick to that. I am far from perfect but this is who I am and this is how I love myself. I love myself enough to eat what I want to make myself feel good. I love myself enough to move everyday because I want to live my life as best as possible.

“I know it’s hard sometimes but you just gotta stand back up and try again. To whoever is reading this, accept yourself and work hard to be the best version of yourself. You do YOU. Btw, I’m doing a fitness journey vlog soon comment below what you want me to share with you!”

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