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Iritada sa TV5: ‘Wag idamay si Noy!’ – Kris

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Tuloy-tuloy ang pagpu-post sa Instagram ni Kris Aquino. May kinalaman pa rin `yon sa walang habas na pambu-bully ng iba sa mga anak niyang sina Josh at Bimby.

At heto nga ulit, may bago na namang pasabog si Kris, na may kinalaman sa kung bakit niya gustong lisanin na ang bahay nila sa Quezon City.

“Some are now triggered without really studying my words… in the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy traveled the yellow brick road only to realize ‘there is no place like home” …

“Have you not questioned why we no longer live in Greenmeadows, Quezon City?

“I shall now answer, in straightforward language, I was running away from love because High Blood pressure from 7 years of emotional stress is awful for my autoimmune conditions. Irrational as it may seem, had I not moved to QC, our paths would never have crossed.

“So where is HOME? Cards on the table, I was readying to switch my voter’s registration to Sitio Alto, Barangay Central, Tarlac.

“In fact, we had already pinpointed several locations to build a small compound for me, it is doable because of the ready availability of modular homes.

“I leave you with this, my mom warned me – I’ll always have to do twice the effort as everyone else because all you now see is my fame, my name, and my perceived wealth. In other words, for me to gain your respect especially in public service, I must prove to you that I earned it, and that I didn’t feel entitled to it. TRUST me when I say, I shall STUDY, immerse, and I will WIN your approval BECAUSE I worked harder than what is demanded.

“2022? Not likely… You deserve a HEALTHY public servant, able to be there for you 24/7… you deserve someone who went back to school to study finance and community development… and my youngest should already be in college so that whatever is thrown his way – he’ll be well equipped to defend himself.

“Know these bits of trivia about me:

“1. In Boston as a child I loved playing PacMan on my Atari and Ms PacMan in the arcades. I was actually able to buy a vintage PacMan arcade game.

“2. Again in Boston, I went to Mount Alvernia Academy, and my favorite teacher was Sr. Maureen, a Franciscan sister.

“3. The BodyGuard is my all time favorite soundtrack, movie, and West End musical. Because in real life, you really don’t end up with the man who changed you for the better.

“I trust matalino kayo… kuhang-kuha niyo kung bakit may mga naka-CAPITAL LETTERS.

“And TV5, really? Inayawan niyo yung coprod natin, di ba? Yung artcard ba kailangan talaga picture pa namin ni Noy? He loves Josh so much. The whole point of the post was binabalahura ang mga anak ko tapos idadamay niyo `yung nagmagandang loob na hinatian na si Kuya Josh ng technically, bahay niya sa Tarlac.

“Leave my brother out of this.”

Well… (Dondon Sermino)

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