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Hindi na attractive kay mister

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Dear Dra Holmes:
I’m Jenny, 28, married for 4 years. The main problem is my husband’s weak sex drive.

He doesn’t seem that interested or aroused. Even when he is about to come, he is able to stop, which happens very often. He no longer finds me attractive, and yet I am beautiful and sexy.

He is only 29 years old; that is why it is impossible for him to no longer be interested in sex. Neither does he like it when I try to seduce him into having sex with me. He says if he’s not interested I should not try to change his mind. It really hurts me when he says this to me.

We have sex once a month, if I am lucky. This has been going on even before we got married. I am the one that does all the work so that something happens. The thing is, no matter what I make him drink or take – honeymoon tea, sex enhancement tablets, etc – it has no effect. And yet he says he loves me. But how can he love me when he doesn’t like to make love to me?

He is malambing, but doesn’t get jealous. He doesn’t care no matter what I do: go home in the early morning, have male chat mates, etc. I am so sad because of what’s happening between us, and I hope you can help us. JENNY

Dear Jenny:
Maraming salamat sa sulat mo. Maraming posibleng dahilan kung bakit ganito ang asawa mo. Sa aking opinyon, ang asawa mo ay ase­xual. Hindi ito masama at hindi ito isang sakit na kailangang igamot. Ito lamang ang kaniyang oryentasyong seksuwal (sexual orientation) TO BE CONTINUED.

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