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Halimaw noon: Barrymore tumino sa psychiatric ward

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Naging open ang Hollywood actress na si Drew Barrymore tungkol sa naging experience niya sa loob ng isang psychiatric ward sa edad na 13.

One year and a half daw siyang nasa loob ng Van Nuys Psychiatric dahil ang sarili niyang ina na si Jaid Barrymore ang nagpasok sa kanya roon dahil hindi na raw makontrol noon sa pagkakalat at pagwawala si Drew.

“I was going to clubs and not going to school and stealing my mom’s car and, you know, I was out of control. So, you know, sometimes it was as humorous as that and sometimes I was just so angry that I would go off.

“I was in a place for a year and a half and you couldn’t mess around in there. I used to laugh at those like Malibu 30-day places. Malibu was sort of the opposite of the experience I had.

“You couldn’t mess around in there and if you did, you would get thrown either in a padded room or get put in stretcher restraints, and tied up,” pag-alala pa ni Drew.

Pinatawad na raw ni Drew ang kanyang ina sa ginawa nito sa kanya. Naintindihan naman daw niya iyon dahil wala na raw paraan para mapatino siya.

“I think she created a monster and she didn’t know what to do with the monster. This was her last gasp, and I really was out of control, and I forgive her for making this choice. She probably felt she had nowhere to turn.

“To cut your mother out of your life was the worst pain I’ve ever known. I mean, the pain I went through from that. I felt so guilty denying my mom access to me, it felt like I was cutting off the source of life.

“When we reconciled, I felt goodness toward my mom. I felt empathy and understanding. I’m really glad there is healing there and we have spent our own lives trying to figure things out. She’s met my kids. But there’s real boundaries and distance and a lot of respect.” (Ruel Mendoza)

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