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Ikatlong linggo na tayong naka-home quarantine.

Kaya tiyak kong nagsisimula na tayong makaramdam ng sakit sa katawan dahil sa sobrang pag-upo at paghilata.

Ang payo ko sa ating masugid na mga readers, ang simpleng stretching ay malaking tulong para maibsan ang pananakit ng ilang bahagi ng ating katawan.

Kaya naman ibabahagi ko sa inyo ngayon ang stretching na swak kaninuman. Kahit hindi pa kayo yoga practitioner, swak sa inyo ang stretching na ito.

Ito ay ang famous yoga pose na Downward Facing Dog, aka Downdog aka Adho Mukha Svanasana (Ah-doh MOO-kuh shvan-AHS-uh-nuh) in Sanskrit naman.
Ang pose na ‘to ay isang standing pose at mild inversion that builds strength while stretching the whole body.

It’s named after the way dogs naturally stretch their entire bodies! Tinatawag din itong “inverted V pose” dahil ang goal dito ay to take the shape of an inverted V. Ito ay essential component ng Sun Salutations. You will practice a lot of Downdog poses during a yoga class. It can be used as a transitional pose, a resting pose, and a strength-builder. Hindi ba’t super panalo ka na sa pose na to dahil marami siyang uses.

Downward-Facing Dog energizes and rejuvenates the entire body. It deeply stretches your hamstrings, shoulders, calves, arches, hands, and spine while building strength in your arms, shoulders, and legs.

Ito rin ay isang mood inversion dahil your heart is higher than your head in this pose. It is considered a mild inversion (less strenuous than other inversions, such as Headstand) pero it gives you all the benefits of inversions.

Ilan sa mga ito ay ang relief from headaches, insomnia, fatigue, and mild depression. The flow of blood to the brain also calms the nervous system, improves memory and concentration, and relieves stress. Studies say that regular practice of this pose can improve digestion, relieve back pain, and help prevent osteoporosis. It is also known to be therapeutic for sinusitis, asthma, and for the symptoms of menopause.

Magsimula sa kamay, tuhod(table top pose). I-align ang iyong wrists diretso sa balikat at tuhod sa ilalim ng iyong hips. The fold of your wrists should be parallel with the top edge of your mat. Point your middle fingers directly to the top edge of your mat.

Spread your fingers wide and press firmly through your palms and knuckles. Distribute your weight evenly across your hands para hindi magka-wrist pain.

Exhale as you tuck your toes and lift your knees off the floor. You are on your plank pose. Align your plank first.

Lift your hips up toward the ceiling, then draw your sit bones toward the wall behind you. Gently begin to straighten your legs, but do not lock your knees. Bring your body into the shape of an “Inverter V.” Imagine your hips and thighs being pulled backwards from the top of your thighs. If your plank was aligned, no need to walk your feet closer to your hands.

Press the floor away from you as you lift through your hips. As you lengthen your spine, lift your sit bones up toward the ceiling. Now press down equally through your heels and the palms of your hands. Ok lang if your heels don’t touch the ground for as long as you’re trying your best to bring them as close as your body allows. One day, it will touch the ground.

Rotate your arms externally so your elbow creases face your thumbs.

Press your chest toward your thighs as you continue to press the mat away from you, lengthening and decompressing your spine.

Activate your quadriceps. Rotate your thighs inward as you continue to lift your sit bones high. Sink your heels toward the floor.

Align your ears with your upper arms. Relax your head and look in between your legs or toward your navel. Hold for at least 5 slow and long breaths.

Sana ay nakatulong ako sa pagkaburyong ninyo sa inyong mga bahay-bahay at sa susunod pong muli.


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