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Feeling of being wanted and needed (1)

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Dear Dra. Holmes:

Hi! I’m Arabelle, 29. I’ve been single for almost 2 years. I’ve previously dated a guy who also happens to be a close friend but just like other relationships it didn’t last for very long. We never had a ‘proper closure’ because he refused to talk to me in person.

I spent my entire year (last year) trying to move on. That past relationship made me feel as if I’m not worthy. I did try to reach out several times but only to be ignored.

So, I tried my best to move forward. I quit an old job and started working in a marketing company where I met new friends including a new guy.

Let’s call him ‘Sandy.’ Sandy is one of the seniors in our team. So, he’s the ‘man’ who’s also in charge in training­ the newly hired.

And so, we’d spend time together and I got to know him quite well. He told me that he had a girlfriend. He also told me that they were in a long distance relationship, but that, some months ago, they decided to call it quits. He told me about everything and also about how the girl also cheated on him (there were pictures).

Due to this, we became closer as we can relate with each other­ in terms of having our hearts completely broken. We went on a quick getaway with some of our colleagues. We all spent the night together.

Having too much to drink we ended up having sex… I have to admit that I missed that feeling. That feeling of being wanted and needed. Days passed, as if nothing happened, we went back to work and talk like the usual­. We never really talk about ‘it’. I had no expectations.

But after that, he started asking me out on dates, and he would send me messages every day. We would talk for hours.

He would tell me where he was and his whereabouts. And he would refuse to hang out with other colleagues unless I am also going. He introduced me to his closest friends (as in kababata) but only as an ‘officemate.’ But we treat each other differently. TO BE CONTINUED


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