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E.T., Elliott muling nagsama after 37 years

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Nagkaroon ng reunion after 37 years ang dalawang bida ng pelikulang E.T. (The Extra-Terrestrial). Nagkita muli si E.T. at ang batang lalake na naging kaibigan niya sa Earth na tumulong sa kanyang makabalik sa home planet niya na si Elliot na ginampanan ng aktor na si Henry Thomas.

Nag-reunite ang dalawa para sa commercial for Xfinity.

Ayon sa press release ng naturang commercial:

“We see two kids playing in the snow outside of a house when the holiday lights start to flicker. When the kids, a boy and a girl (much like the movie) go to investigate, they find E.T. hiding behind a snowman!
“Elliott?” E.T. says, believing the young boy is his old friend.

“That’s when adult Elliott appears outside behind the kids. When he sees E.T., he runs over and tells him, “You came back!”

“He then introduces E.T. to his loved ones.

“My son,” he says. “My family.”

“Elliott tells E.T. that “a lot” has changed since he was last there. Elliott’s son even introduces E.T. to the internet.

“We then see E.T. join the family for a meal, some fun in the snow, as well as a holiday movie. Later, we see that E.T. is hoping to return home to his own family. So, does he make it back?” (Ruel Mendoza)

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