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Doktor kay Kris: Bawal ang nega!

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abante-paistaran-dondon-serminoSuper abang nga ang mga fan ni Kris Aquino sa mga latest post niya tungkol sa kanyang medical condition. Nasa Singapore nga si Kris para kumonsulta, magpagamot, sa kung ano nga ba ang totoo niyang sakit.

Sa post ni Kris ay makikita na kinunan siya ng dugo. Medyo hapis pa rin talaga ang mukha ni Kris, at kahit nakaayos siya, ramdam mo ang lungkot sa kanyang mukha.

“Thank you to a new physician friend from the Philippines for the kind referral to an excellent specialist here. Thank you to the Filipino health care professionals in Singapore for being both respectful & attentive… I promised transparency- I had 16 vials of blood drawn yesterday. 12 were drawn last week. Full results of my blood panel will take 1 week but my initial prognosis from the Singaporean allergist-rheumatologist-immunologist is encouraging.

“I have started the new medication he prescribed. I am taking to heart his advice to release at an achievable pace what caused me emotional & intellectual stress, because in his words 80% of illness is worsened by what burdens us.

“My doctor said to focus on life’s POSITIVES. I have the best sons a mother can ask God for. I have the enduring love of family & friends. And I have the 100% support of my endorsements & followers.

“I have our country’s best legal counsels to represent us. I look forward to slowly going back to work, honoring all my commitments with a 100% trustworthy team starting next week.

“The comments section won’t be deactivated. I humbly request that you post NO NAMES NOR ACCUSATIONS; I stand with FAIRLY upholding the rule of law, thus there is no need to make this a trial by publicity or one based on popular opinion- the TRUTH is already more than enough. #laban.”

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