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Dingdong nakipagtsikahan kay Spiderwoman

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abante-paistaran-dondon-serminoMga bongang kuwento na naman ang handog ng Amazing Earth ni Dingdong Dantes. Dumayo pa si Dingdong sa Anilao, Batangas para sa mas malalim na presentasyon.

Sa ‘Taguan Sa Damuhan’ alamin kung paano ginagamit ng isang pusa ang kanyang tenga para mahanap ang kanyang prey, at rodent – pero magtagumpay kaya siya?

Alamin kung nagtagumpay ba ang Jackson’s Widowbird sa east African savannah na makahanap ng potential mate in Da­ting Game.

Sa ‘Food Factory’ takes us to the grasslands of South America where the agriculturists of the insect world, the grasscutter ants demonstrate a symbiotic relationship with a subterranean fungus to survive – while its relatives in Northern Australia, the termites fall prey to a giant anteater.

Malakas vs. Maabilidad ay labanan ng brains and brawn between a fox and a herd of bison as they search for food in the snow-covered prairie of North America.

Saksihan ang heart stopping moment sa ‘Batang-bata Ka Pa’ as a young caribou tries to escape a predatory wolf.
The local arachnid population is threatened by illegal spider trading which has become a popular bloodsport in the Philippines. At haharapin ni Dingdong ang real-life Spiderwoman, a Filipino scientist who has dedicated her life studying spiders and other insects while educating the populace on how to preserve them.

Kids will surely enjoy the animated trivia segment about the Philippine pangolin, an armored mammal endemic to the islands of Palawan.
Tutukan ang Amazing Earth ngayong gabi, pagkatapos ng ‘24 Oras Weekend.

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