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Digong inakusahan ni Joma na numero unong terorista sa ‘Pinas

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HAYAGANG inakusahan ni Communist Party of the Philippines founding Chairman Jose Maria Sison (Joma) si Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte bilang number 1 terrorist sa bansa.

Nakasaad sa ipinalabas na statement ni Sison sa media nitong Marso 8 na: “Duterte has been engaged in a wild, anti-communist witch hunt, killing people on his spurious list of so-called terrorists. Duterte has resorted to intimidation, brandishing a fake list of suspects slapped with trumped-up charges.”

“According to sources, I am in the list. There is no basis for the charge of terrorism. Duterte and his minions are stupid and pretend to be ignorant that I have won legal cases­ for the removal of my name from the EU list of terrorists and for the dismissal of murder charges fabricated against me by the Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo regime and fed by this regime to the Dutch government,” ayon pa sa statement ni Sison.

Pinaratangan din ng lider ng komunistang grupo si Duterte na res­ponsable sa pagkamatay ng 20,000 katao sa giyera kontra iligal na droga ng gobyerno.

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