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Cold and unaffectionate husband (1)

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Dear Dr Holmes:

I am living with my bf for almost 2 yrs. Unti­l today we still don’t have a child. He is 41 yrs. old and I am 35 yrs. old.

Since the time we started to live together he never told me that he loves me or I never heard even the “I miss you” sentence. He is cold like ice.

He only cares for his properties and gadgets. We only sleep together but without any touch or romance. He ignores me.

Even if I flirt and tease him, he still ignores me. He always woke up early and leave bed to face his gadgets. I am desperate already­.

I felt like I am nothing to him. He faced trials­ and complicate­d circumstance­s financiall­y and I stayed beside him. He even had health problems­ and health issues. I even stayed when his ex gf filed a case against him In court.  

I supporte­d him throughout and stayed. Then, another of his exes (ex gf) showed up in the Brgy. Hall and put him in big scandal, still I stayed beside him and supported him. All of this hurts me a lot and I feel am gonna blow on my top anytime.

Still I decided to stay beside him. Recently, his mother got into an accident and was operated on. There was nobody there for them but I stayed. A months after his mother’s operation, he got sick from hernia and he too was operated on.

Still I decided to stay beside him to support and comfort him. After all this issues and circumstances, ‘til today, he is cold like ice to me. Now, he shouted at me every time and blaming­ me with everything­.

Even in small things he kept pointing his finger on me. I felt so much pain now. I am tryin­g to understan­d the situation­. But at the same time I am almost giving­ up.I am emotionally, mentally and physicall­y in pain now… please… help me with your advice­ how to deal this situation­. I will be waiting for your reply doc. It will be much appreciated­. Thank you.  

Sincerely,      Camille

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