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Catriona naiyak pabalik ng Australia

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Nakalipad na nga si Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray sa kanyang hometown sa Australia para makasama na ang kanyang mga magulang.

Naging emotional si Queen Cat habang sakay ng eroplano dahil a year and a half na raw siyang hindi nakakabalik ng Australia dahil sa pandemic.

Ilang beses daw kasing na-cancel ang kanyang flight. Isama pa ang mahigpit na safety protocols bago makasakay ng eroplano.

“After countless rescheduled flights, two flight cancelations, swab tests, stress, applications and waiting…I’m finally on my way to see my parents for the first time in one and a half years.

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“When I won Ms. Universe back in 2018 I made a vow to myself to see my dad at least 4 times a year, but since the pandemic we’ve spent the majority of time apart. I know I’m not alone, as so many families face the same reality in the time of COVID.

“It’s always been a fear of mine, having an older father, of not having enough time with him. I don’t want to one day, be full of regret for not having given time to one of the most important people in my life. I’m sooo emotional writing this, my gahd.

“Wala lang, just wanted to share.

“I’m sending my whole heart to families who are in the same position as mine. Praying that you’ll be together soon,” post ni Catriona sa Instagram. (Ruel Mendoza)

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