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Catriona iniyakan ang bullying, bashing

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Sinagot din ni Miss Universe Catriona Gray ang questions on insecurity, bullying, bashing at pressure ng pagiging ambassador ng Miss Universe organization:

“Insecurities will always be there, but your ability to work past them is what you can work on. Be kind to yourself, we’re all works in progress and that’s okay.

“Honestly? I need to cry it out, then write down my thoughts so I can process. Bc if I don’t understand why I’m down then I cant get over it. I usually realize it’s not that bad – whatever I’m upset about. Then I go and be with people I love, or do something that makes me happy.

“Who I am on stage and who I am in person, are very very different. I’m actually quite shy and introverted. But I see it as ‘performing’ when I’m on stage and I take on this confident persona. Hope this helps!
“As Miss Universe, I’m the ambassador of an org who’s mission isn’t to visit as many countries as possible in a year but to be a charitable spokesperson and brand ambassador. I feel validated through the cause work that I do – I would rather count lives impacted, than passport stamps.

“I don’t condone any form of bullying or bashing. Even if it’s in response to an initial comment or in the name of ‘protecting’ or ‘standing up’. If you respond to hate with hate, you have a never ending cycle. All of us have the power to be the difference, and I hope we will.

“That’s a lot of pressure and responsibility to be placed on your shoulders. Providing for ur family should only be done if u have means to do so. Communicate what the sacrifice means to you but also I dont feel that this is the way to gain affection and recognition from ur parents.

“Well first make an informed decision. If you still feel like the reward will be worth the risk ie pursuing a dream job, then go for it! You’ll never know unless you try! I risked joining my national Pageant and overcame all my fears and it definitely paid off. Goodluck!!
“Thank you for the support from the beginning! Would’ve had to been my homeco-ming in the PH. I’ve never experienced that level of love and support before. One of the best experiences of my life.

“It will get better. I promise you. Just have faith and stay true to the ambition that’s in your heart – I really believe it’s there for a reason.” (Ruel Mendoza)

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