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Boobs ni Adrianne Curry sumabog

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Kinuwento ng kauna-una­hang winner ng America’s Next Top Model na si Adrianne Curry ang traumatic­ breast implant removal na pinagdaanan niya.

Sa kanyang blog ay dinetalye niya ang pinagdaanan niyang procedure, complete with photos.

January 4, 2020 nang masi­mulan ang surgery kay Adrianne sa Chicago.
“I was scared beyond anything. I fear going under so badly. In fact, it’s my number one fear in life…that I will wink out of existence.

They gave me some happy juice so I would calm down a bit before wheeling­ me in. Like many before me…I don’t remember jack shit! Well, I do remember telling­ someone I sell Avon and left entertainment because they’re all buttholes. That’s it.”

Grabe raw ang pain na naram­daman ni Adrianne pagkatapos ng surgery.

Pinakita ng kanyang surgeon na si Dr. Mussat na fully raptured and leaking silicone na ang implants niya.

Kailangan pa niyang dumaan sa second operation dahil nagkaroon siya ng hematoma.

“I was so happy to have some gross toxic sack leaking in my body taken out. Yet, my pain got worse. My chest swelled so badly, you cant see my clavicle. My hands and fingers looked like sausages. My eyes, cheeks, everything was swelling.

“I had a hematoma so big it looked like I got only one fake titty! Of course, NO LUCK ME not only had insu­rance deny method surgery…for getting rid of my titty that had popped and oozed inside me…AND I needed two surge­ries in a day!

“I have drains for 5 days. I left the hospital immediately. They expected me to stay another 3 to 4 hours. NOPE! I was DONE.

“I am so happy to have that leaking sack of yellowed­ silicone taken out of my body. Mussat had to remove some of my bigger boob to even them out due to the scar tissue she took from my right. I am guessing I will be flat as a pancake.” (Ruel Mendoza)

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