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Have a Bear-y Merry Christmas with Blue Magic

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Cozy up this season with warm cuddles from Blue Magic’s newest bears and stuffed toys.

What’s something blue that adorns every Christmas Tree? A Blue Magic gift bag that holds the happiest of gifts! For 31 years, this one-stop gift shop has put smiles on the faces and hearts of children, couples, families and friends  ̶  all coming from both the receiving and giving end of a Blue Magic gift.

Around Christmas time, students and office workers would flock to one of its now 32 stores nationwide to find affordable and uniquely themed Kris Kringle gifts. Surely you would remember the time you got an Igor’s Treasure (yes, the poop) from your Secret Santa? Or how about when you sent someone an Emergency Smoke (cigarette in a tube) or a Golly Gee (condom in a tube)? Those certainly drew out lots of laughs that have now turned into great memories.

The feeling of contentment and excitement that fervent shoppers get as they leave a Blue Magic store, with the iconic star-studded blue gift bag in hand thinking of the happiness they could bring with their gift, is simply incomparable.

With classic bears like Stringbean Jr., Little Lucky and My Nikolai, and the 6-foot-tall Casey XXXL and Little Xavy raising the gift-giving game to a whole new level, Blue Magic adds yet another sprinkle of cheer with new plush buddies that are bound to have a space in every Filipino heart and home.

Come and meet your new cuddly friends!

Christmas is the time to reunite with family  ̶  to remember the good old days and create new memories to look back on in the coming years.

Have a Panda-stic celebration with your loved ones this year, and stay warm with the charming kin of SWEET XAVIER.

Sweet Xavier:  P349.00 (small); P479.00 (medium); P559.00 (large)

Happiness is seeing the overjoyed face of a loved one as he opens your Christmas present. Make sure to pack your gift bag with lots of love and the sweet, captivating smile of FROSTY, the jolly polar bear.

Frosty:             P409.00

Say “I Love You” with KOBE, the tender-loving bear of hearts.

Kobe:               P829.00

For the tech generation, a little time away from the screen goes a long way to relieve the so-called “techno-stress.” Take a break and feel the warm, comforting hugs of ZOIE the dainty bunny, MONCHING the nonchalant bear, and KYLIE the darling lamb.

Zoie:               P409.00

Monching:       P275.00 (small); P509.00 (large)

Kylie:              P269.00

A child’s bedroom is more than just a place to tuck in. It is where they first learn about the world and where imagination gets its first spark. Teach little ones about the animal kingdom and much more with new huggable pals.

Meet ROBBY the vibrant centipede, RILEY the whimsical bug, PATRICK the easy-going sheep, MURPHY the dependable puppy dog, and SAM the amiable bear.

Robby:             P459.00

Riley                P199.00 (available in red lady bug & yellow bumble bee designs)

Patrick:            P219.00 (available in pink & blue)

Murphy:           P399.00 (small); P539.00 (large)

Sam:                P369.00 (plush photo frame available in pink & blue)

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