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Bam! Positive ako — Lani

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Nag-post si Lani Misalucha ng kundisyon niya nitong nakalipast na Pasko, Bagong Taon, at hanggang ngayong 2022. Marami nga ang nag-alala, dahil alam naman ng lahat na ngayon pa lang talaga gumagaling si Lani sa naging sakit niya noon.

Heto nga ang post niya:

“It finally got me.

“My dear friends thank you for showing your concern. I’m sorry if I made some of you scared about my post. I’m feeling much better now. That test result was last Jan. 6.

“It was Papa Nols who started feeling a little queasy last December with some head ache and body pain. I then began feeling the same partnered with fever after Papa Nols started feeling better after 3 days. We were like, “ok this is the first time we’re sick during the holiday season”. Kaya walang naganap na Christmas Eve dinner gathering and New Year’s Eve dinner dito sa amin. Gumaling naman kami pareho. All the symptoms went away.

“And then… Fast forward to 2022, the headache, body pain, weakness, little coughing was present too, nose congestion, all those flu like symptoms seems to want to visit us again that’s why I decided to do the home test kit. And bam! Positive. Pero ‘yun na nga at least ok ok na naman kami ngayon.

“Super drink lang ako ng hot lemon water with honey. I think it helped and also Theraflu.

“Maraming salamat mga friendship! Kaya ingat pa rin tayong lahat. Love you all. Please naman 2022 be good to us.” (Dondon Sermino)

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