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Balik IG, FB, Twitter na: Kris nag-sorry sa mga nasaktang kaibigan

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abante-paistaran-dondon-serminoMarami ang nagulat, nataranta, nalungkot, na-offend sa ginawa ni Kris Aquino na pag-deactivate, pag-delete, pagbura, pagbasura, ng kanyang mga social media account, lalo na ang Instagram.

Pakiramdam daw ng mga kaibigan ni Kris, lalo na ‘yung mga taga-showbiz, na sila ay ‘blocked’ na ni Tetay, sa hindi malamang dahilan.

Ilang buwan na ngang sinasabi ni Kris na magpapahinga muna siya sa showbiz, at kahit sa social media. Tipong ordinar-yong citizen nga muna ang type niyang gawin, at gusto nga rin niyang tutukan ang kanyang kalusugan.

At ‘yun na nga, sa pagbabalik ni Kris sa Pilipinas, mula sa ilang linggo, o buwan na pagpapagamot, pagpapakonsulta sa Singapore, biglang-bigla nga ay hindi na nakita ang kanyang mga social media

Pero, bandang madaling-araw nga ay biglang nakita muli ang mga social media account ni Kris. At ano nga ba ang dahilan?

“I’m sorry, i tempora-rily disabled with no explanation & some got offended thinking they got blocked.

“i read several books on IKIGAI (google na lang please or else sobrang haba nito, but it re-enforces my affinity for (flag ng Japan) and my quest for peace & healing)… i’m directly quoting ‘in life we sometimes misplace priorities and significance… if you can make the process of the effort your primary source of happiness, then you have succeeded in the most important challenge of your life…

“The inner joys and satisfaction will be more than enough to make you carry on with your life.’

“Inaamin ko naman, when i get immersed in something i go all in- so i read 5 books on IKIGAI, re-read Marie Kondo’s books (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy), and now i’m reading Kintsugi Wellness.

“I also read books on HYGGE from the Danish, FIKA and LAGOM from the Swedish. books to help me be less stressed & appreciative of what’s here & now I devoured.

“What does all my reading have to do with my horror movie posters? in (flag ng Singapore) I asked myself what do I want to go back to that will encourage & inspire me to regularly do the water physiotherapy my doctors were all recommending? and this script was emailed to me.

“I won’t give specific details, mabait ang producers because I had asked to start in September when I feel my immunity can take on the physicality required, but for now I need to strengthen myself. Thank you for your patience with me. I’m learning to exercise that with myself, too.

Sa mga nagkomento kay Kris, ang kaibigan niyang abogado na si Gideon Pena ang sinagot niya.

“Ang haba ng sagot ko, now cannot post. To shorten I said I’ll send you an IKIGAI book; the boys & I miss you & hope the new job is going great; and I said my IG & editing apps are in the phone that has all my music, not the 1 I use to regularly communicate with because even my gadgets have been #konmari-ed. So the postings shall be few & far between…

“Napagsabihan lang ako na because of my admitted autoimmune conditions, by disabling w/ no explanation I opened myself up to unnecessary speculation. Good night.”

Heto naman ang latest Instagram post ni Kris:
“In case you’re inte-rested in the books I’ve read… my sisters took my 2 out to dinner (belated birthday celebration of kuya) but part of IKIGAI is respecting each other’s individuality. So sila lang ang nasa picture because my sisters should enjoy their privacy… I’ll update you if there’s anything worthwhile in my life, otherwise I’ll allow all of us to enjoy the peace & silence. Good Night.”

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